Bachelor of Sports Management

Admission Requirements
Applicants for the programme should satisfy the following entry requirements as stipulated by Moi University Senate to be admitted:
1. An applicant should have at least a mean grade of C+ (plus) and a C in mathematics and English language or Kiswahili language in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Or at least a D+ in mathematics and a C in Commerce, Business Studies, Accounting and Economics, or
2. At least two principal ad one subsidiary pass in Kenya Advance Certificate of Education plus at least a plus in maths and English at level, or
3. Be of mature age with at least five years of work experience in a reputable commercial/administrative organization and Holder of CPA/CPS (K) or HND (KNEC) may be admitted to second or third year of study, but will be required to do first and second year sports courses.
4. Holders of a recognized Diploma in sports Management or Business Studies Program with at least a Credit Pass to join in second year of study.
Duration of the Programme
The duration of the programme will normally extend to eight semesters. However those who join the programme as mature entry students in the second or third year shall take a shorter duration.

Programme Structure

Year 1

Semester I
SBE 100 Study and Library Skills
BBM 100 Principles of Accounting I
BBM 101 Introduction to Business
BBM 107 Health Awareness
BBM 105 Business Mathematics I
BBM 102 Introduction to Computer Science
ECO 110 Introduction to Microeconomics
BSM 101 Physical Education
Semester II
SBE 101 Business Communication
BBM 103 Principles of Accounting II
BBM 104 Principles of Management
BBM 109 Business Law
BBM 108 Business Mathematics II
BBM 106 Introduction to Business Information Systems
ECO 111 Introduction to Macroeconomics
BSM 102 Introduction to Amateur and Profession Sports

Year 2

Semester I
SBE 200 National Development
BBM 201 Financial Accounting I
BBM 202 Principles of Marketing
BBM 203 Human Resource Management
BBM 211 Intermediate Microeconomics
BSM 201 Foundation in Sports Management
BSM 202 Introduction to Sports Physiology
Semester II
BBM 206 Principles of Finance
BBM 210 Introduction to Purchasing and Supplies Management
BBM 208 Entrepreneurship Theory and Concepts
BBM 207 Introduction to Risk & Insurance
ECO 212 Intermediate Macroeconomics
BSM 203 Perspectives in Sports Culture
BSM 204 Psychology of Sports and Exercise

Year 3

Semester I
BBM 350 Managerial Statistics
BBM 310 Business Finance
BSM 301 Managing Organizational Behaviour in Sports
BSM 302 Sports Marketing
BSM 303 Sports Promotion and Sponsorship
BSM 304 Sports and Entertainment
BSM 309 Meetings and Events Management
Semester II
BBM 351 Research Methods
BBM 303 Taxation I
BSM 305 Statistics in Sports Science
BSM 306 Leadership in Sports Management
BSM 307 Public Relations in Sports
BSM 308 Sports Training and Coaching
Plus one elective

Year 4

Semester I
BBM 402 Financial Management
BBM 406 Business Values and Ethics
BSM 401 Managing Sports Sponsorship and Finance
BSM 402 Sports Law, Policy and Regulations
BSM 403 Managing Sports Organizations and Clubs
BSM 404 Sports Management Attachment
Plus one Elective 3
Semester II
BBM 447 Production and Operations Management
BBM 472 Business Policy and Strategy
BSM 405 Sports Business Planning
BSM 406 Sports Events Management
BSM 407 Hospitality Management in Sports
BSM 408 Sports Business Environment
Plus one elective

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