Master of Business Management

Admission Requirements
The applicants must meet the following requirements:
a) A holder of BBM degree from Moi University or
b) A holder of a degree in business or commerce of a recognized University.
c) In addition the applicants must have passed at second class division or equivalent in their degree course. Holders of an MBA Executive degree from Moi University shall be eligible subject to the fulfilment of above requirements. They will however be required to do only three courses in semester two and a thesis.
Conduct of Studies and Students Supervision
• The common procedure approved for Moi University shall apply.
• The common examination regulations of graduate studies shall apply.
• The common regulations for supervision, submission and examination of thesis for graduate studies shall apply.
Course Duration
The programme runs for two academic years (4 semesters)of full time registration. The first year shall be devoted to course work and development of research proposal while the second year shall be spent on fieldwork, coursework and thesis writing. The programme shall consist of a minimum of 53 units of course work and thesis.

The programme requirements sequence per semester is as follows:-
1st semester Coursework 15 units; Research methods 3 units.
2nd semester Coursework 15 units; Research proposal seminar 2 units.
3rd semester Field work 6 units.
4th semester Course work 6 units; Thesis writing 6 units.

Core Courses

Semester I
MBM 800 Theory & Practice of Management
MBM 801 Financial Management
MBM 802 Marketing Management
MBM 803 Human Resources Management
MBM 804 Quantitative Methods of Management
MBM 805 Research Methodology

Semester II
MBM 811 Strategic Management
MBM 812 Management information system
MBM 813 Operations Research
MBM 814 Managerial Economics
MBM 815 Research proposal
One Elective

Semester III
Field work/ Research

Semester IV
Three Electives
MBM 816 Thesis writing

Specialization Electives

Strategic Management Electives
MBM 820 Global Strategic Management
MBM 821 Management of Strategic Change
MBM 822 Business Strategic Behaviour
MBM 823 Strategic Management Seminar

Accounting Electives
MBM 825 Management Accounting
MBM 826 Advanced Financial Accounting
MBM 827 Advanced Management Accounting
MBM 828 Accounting Seminar

Finance Electives
MBM 830 Investment Analyses & Management
MBM 831 Monetary Management
MBM 832 Corporate Finance
MBM 833 Financial Management Seminar

Marketing Electives
MBM 835 Strategic Marketing Management
MBM 836 Marketing Communications
MBM 837 Relationship Marketing Management
MBM 838 Marketing Seminar

Operations Management Electives
MBM 850 Production and Operations Management
MBM 851 Quality Management
MBM 852 Project Management
MBM 853 Operations Management Seminar

Purchasing and Supplies Electives
MBM 850 Production and Operations Management
MBM 860 Procurement management
MBM 861 Supply Chain Strategies
MBM 862 Logistics Management
MBM 863 Purchasing and supplies Seminar

General Electives (Optional)
MBM 855 Business Management Ethics
MBM 856 Monitoring and Evaluation
MBM 857 Database Management System
MBM 840 Human Resources Development
MBM 841 Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
MBM 842 Employee Relations
MBM 845 Entrepreneurship Concepts and Strategies
MBM 846 Entrepreneurship Development & Policy
MBM 847 Micro-Enterprise Financing

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