Master of Philosophy in Economics

Design of the Programme
The programme is normally conducted by coursework, examinations and research. A candidate will be required to take a total of 44 units of coursework, research and thesis.
The programme shall normally last for duration of two academic years. The first year of study will focus on coursework, and second year of study will be devoted to research and writing of a thesis.
The following core courses are offered. Core courses must be taken by all students. Students must however, choose FOUR (4) elective courses in order to attain the 44 units.

Core Courses

Semester I
ECO 801 Advanced Microeconomics
ECO 803 Research Methodology
ECO 805 Economic History
ECO 807 Mathematical Techniques and Programming
ECO 808 Econometric Theory and Practice
One Elective

Semester II
ECO 802 Advanced Macroeconomics
ECO 804 Policy Analysis and Economic Management
ECO 806 Corporate Finance and Investment
ECO 809 Mathematical Economics
One Elective

Semester III
ECO 898 Research Proposal
One Elective

Semester IV
ECO 899 Thesis
One Elective

Elective Cluster Series

Public Sector Economics
ECO 813E Public Finance
ECO 823E Development Planning and Project Analysis
ECO 839E Economics of Public Enterprise
ECO 843E Transport Economics

Monetary Economics
ECO 817E International Economics
ECO 822E Managerial Economics
ECO 827E Monetary Theory and Practice
ECO 829E Financial Economics

Urban, Rural and Natural Resource Economics
ECO 819E Urban and Regional Economics
ECO 821E Industrial Economics
ECO 825E Agricultural Economics
ECO 837E Environmental Economics

Health, Welfare and Demographic Economics
ECO 818E Economic Development
ECO 824E Labour Economics
ECO 833E Health Economics
ECO 835E Population Economics
The Department will guide students on how to select courses from the different elective cluster series.

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