Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

Admission Requirements
1. Applicants must satisfy the minimum Moi University diploma entry requirements for admission into the program by attaining an average grade of C- (Minus) at
KCSE or equivalent examinations, with at least C- passes in the following subjects: Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and English/Kiswahili and an added advantage will be given to applicants who have passed with at least a C grade in Economics, Commerce or Agriculture.
2. Admission may be granted to outstanding Certificate holders who have passed with Distinction, Credit or their equivalents in Farm Management, Agriculture or other related disciplines from recognized institutions.

Course Structure
Year 1
Semester I
DAE 0101 - General Economics (Core)
DAE 0104 - Introduction to Statistics (Core)
DAE 0105 - Communication Skills (Core)
DAE 0110 - Mathematics for Economists (Core)
DAE 0141 - Principles of Crop Production (Core)
DAE 0142 - Principles of Animal Production (Core)
DAE 0171 - Introduction to Soil Science
Year 1
Semester II
DAE 0102 - Microeconomics I (Principles) Core)
DAE 0103 - Mathematics for Economists (Core)
DAE 0107 - Introduction to Agricultural Economics(Core)
DAE 0108 - Introduction to Development Economics (Core)
DAE 0109 - Macroeconomics I (Principles) (Core)
DAE 0112 - Statistics for Economists (Core)
DAE 0140 - Introduction to Ecology
Year 2
Semester I
Core Courses
DAE 0201 - Microeconomics II
DAE 0209 - Macroeconomics II
DAE 0243 - Farm Records and Accounts
DAE 0252 - Current Issues in Agricultural Economics
DAE 0260 - Rural Development
DAE 0262 - Resource Economics
DAE 0280 - Field Attachment (Core)
DAE 0281 - Agricultural Power and Machinery
Semester II
DAE 0200 - Computer Applications and Information Management
DAE 0213 - Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology (Core)
DAE 0230 - Agricultural Marketing (Core)
DAE 0250 - Project Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (Core)
DAE 0251 - Farm Business Management (Core)
DAE 0263 - Agricultural Policy and Law (Core)
DAE 0270 - Farming Systems (Core)

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