Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

Entry Requirements
In addition to the university requirements, the applicants for D.Phil. programme in Agricultural Resource Economics and Management must be:
Holders of Masters of Philosophy Degree of Moi University or its equivalent as recognized by Moi University Senate in Agricultural Resource Economics and Management or related fields such as Agribusiness Management, Co-operative Management, Agricultural Finance, Marketing, MBA or Economics.
Holders of any qualification considered by Moi University Senate as equivalent to an M.Phil Degree in Agricultural Resource Economics and Management.

Duration of the Study
The Doctor of Philosophy programme shall be by course work and Thesis distributed over a minimum of three years and a maximum of four years of full time attendance. Part time attendance will require a minimum of four years and a maximum of six years.
The D.Phil. programme of study will require the candidate to take graduate level courses and subsequently, the candidate must write a thesis and pass final oral examinations.

Programme structure
The overall course structure depends upon the candidate’s area of specialization. However, all candidates must take all core courses. The elective courses emphasize on the student’s area of specialization. The student is required to complete a minimum of 26 units of course work comprising at least 18 units of core courses offered at 900 series and 8 units of elective courses which can either be taken at level 900 or 800 series. Elective courses will be taken with the advice of supervisors depending on the intended area of specialization and the background of the student and in particular what the candidate did and scored in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as indicated by the transcripts.
All other requirements as specified by Moi University with regard to conduct of studies, supervision, submission and examination of Thesis will also apply.

Core Courses

Course Requirements
ARE 901 Microeconomic Theory
ARE 902 Macroeconomic Theory
ARE 904 Advanced Econometrics
ARE 906 Mathematical Programming and Dynamic Optimization
ARE 989 Contemporary Issues in Agricultural Economics and Development
ARE 909 History of Economic Thought
ARE 990 Guided Research on Topical Issues 

Elective Courses

Electives are guided by the area of specialization. The department offers eight areas of specialization under this D.Phil. programme. Students will be advised by supervisors on the courses they will take leading to a particular specialization.
These options are as follows:-
1. Marketing
2. Agriculture and Food Policy Analysis
3. Development Economics
4. Agricultural Extension and Information Systems
5. Resource and Environmental Economics
6. Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Management
7. Agricultural Finance
8. Econometrics 

a) Electives at 900 Level
ARE 903E Applied Mathematical Statistics
ARE 934E Agricultural Extension and Information Management
ARE 942E Resource and Environmental Economics
ARE 947E Mathematical Modeling of Agricultural Systems
ARE 951E Rural Economic Growth and Development
ARE 952E Regional Economics
ARE 962E International Agricultural Commodity Trade and Trading Regimes
ARE 976E Public Finance
ARE 977 International Trade and Finance
ARE 978E Money and Banking
ARE 979E Industrial and Commercial Organizations
ARE 980E Entrepreneurship Development
ARE 984E Managerial Economics

(b) Electives at 800 Series
These are the courses under the current M.Phil. Programme.
The coding follows the same system as in the current document of the M.Phil. Programme.
ARE 812 Advanced Agricultural Marketing
ARE 813 Agricultural Market and Price Analysis
ARE 814E Agricultural Marketing Policy and Development
ARE 821 Principles and Practice of Cooperative Management
ARE 831 Production Economics
ARE 833 Advanced Farm Management
ARE 851 Development Economics
ARE 852E Economic Planning
ARE 861 Agriculture and Food Policy Analysis
ARE 872E Advanced Agribusiness Management
ARE 873E Project Planning, Management and Evaluation
ARE 874 Agricultural Finance and Investment
ARE 875E Agricultural Administration and Management

Workload Distribution

Year 1
Semester I
ARE 901 Microeconomic Theory
ARE 906 Mathematical Programming and Dynamic Optimization
ARE 909 History of Economic Thought
ARE 989 Contemporary Issues in Agricultural Economics and Development
Two Electives

Semester II
ARE 902 Macroeconomic Theory
ARE 904 Advanced Econometrics
ARE 990 Guided Research on Topical Issues
Two Electives

Year 2
ARE 999 D.Phil. Research and Thesis

Year 3
ARE 999 D.Phil. Research and Thesis

(a) End of semester examination: There will be a threehour paper for all 3 units and a 2 hour paper for the 2 unit courses done by all D.Phil. candidates.
The D.Phil. candidate is required to pass all end of semester examinations. Failure to pass a paper in these examinations leads to discontinuation from the programme. The seminar presentation will be assessed by the staff as pass or fail.
(b) Comprehensive examination: The D.Phil. candidate is required to take a comprehensive examination administered by the department after completion of the coursework. This examination will be composed of two – hour papers. One paper will generally cover core courses and the other will generally cover electives.
For the convenience of the candidates, comprehensive examinations are administered at the end of the first academic year. No candidate will be allowed to graduate without passing this examination.

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