Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management

Admission Requirements
• Common Moi University regulations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall apply.
• Any Candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management must:
i) Be a holder of Masters Degree of Moi University or any other University in any of the following disciplines; Business Management, Business Administration and Economics.
ii) Be a holder of a Masters degree recognised by Senate as equivalent to status of the qualifications in (i) above.
Duration of D.Phil. Programme
a) Full-Time Candidates
The course for D.Phil degree will last for a minimum of three (3) years and a maximum of five (5) years.
b)1Part-Time Candidates
The course for D.Phil degree will last for a minimum of five (5) years and a maximum of seven (7) years
Examination Regulations
(i) The Common Examination regulations for Doctor of Philosophy of Moi University shall apply.
(ii) Grading system of Moi University postgraduate studies shall apply.
Mode of Study
This Programme will be offered by two options.
a) Option One: Applicants will undertake the programme by course work in the first year followed by two years of supervised research leading to the write up of thesis.
b) Option Two: Applicants who have an undergraduate and masters degree in business management and have been teaching at the university level for at least five years may on the approval of senate be admitted to pursue the program by thesis only.

Programme Structure

Core Courses

Year I
Semester I
DBM 910 Corporate Leadership
DBM 911 Strategic Management
DBM 912 Statistics for Researchers
DBM 913 Advanced Research Methodology
One Elective

Semester II
DBM 914 Managerial Economics
DBM 915 Contemporary issues in Management
DBM 998 Research Planning and Seminar
Two Electives

Year 2
DBM 999 Research and Thesis
Year 3
DBM 999 Research and Thesis

Elective Cluster Series

Finance Option
DBM 920 Theory of Finance
DBM 921 Investment Analysis and Models
DBM 922 International Finance
DBM 923 Empirical Finance
DBM 924 Advanced Corporate Finance

Marketing Option
DBM 930 Marketing Theory
DBM 931 Marketing Models
DBM 932 Brand Management
DBM 933 Relationship Marketing
DBM 934 Global Marketing

Strategic Management Option
DBM 940 Strategic Management Theory
DBM 941 Cases in Strategic Management
DBM 942 Organisational Theory
DBM 943 Strategic Management Models
DBM 944 Global Business Environment

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