Master of Banking and Finance

Target Group
The program targets early career individuals in organizations especially staff from banking, finance and economic institutions, private companies, as well as fresh graduates from universities.
It also targets persons who, in response to the challenge of globalization, seek to acquire the techniques of financial and risk assessment, corporate finance and management, corporate governance as practiced in international capital markets.
Admission Requirements
The following shall be eligible for admission to the Master of Banking and Finance:
i) Holders of at least second-class honours upper division degree in Business Management or Economics of Moi University or second-class honours lower division degree
in the above fields of study with at least three years works experience.
ii) Holders of at least second-class honours upper division degree in Business Management, Economics, Commerce, Business Administration from an accredited university and recognized by Moi University Senate as equivalent to at least second class honours upper division degree of Moi University.
Mode of Study
The programme shall be undertaken on a full-time (day classes) or part-time basis (evening and weekend classes).
Duration of the Programme
The duration of programme shall be four semesters of full time attendance or a maximum period of four years of parttime attendance from the date of registration.
Examinations and Assessment
a) Candidates shall be required to pass in all the prescribed courses in a given programme. The pass mark shall be 50%
b) Assessment at the end of the course work shall consist of:

i) A written examination which shall normally constitute 60% of the total marks in each course.
ii) Continuous assessment based on essays, assignments and such other tests as may be prescribed by the instructor. This will normally constitute 40% of the total marks.

Program Structure
This program is spread into two semesters of course work and two semesters of research work.
There are four specialization options in this program namely:
Banking; Financial sector Policy; Financial Markets; and Micro-finance.

Core Courses

Semester I
MBF 810 Economics
MBF 811 Finance
MBF 812 Quantitative Methods
MBF 813 Financial Law
MBF 814 Management Information Systems
MBF 815 Research Methods

Semester II
MBF 816 Corporate Governance
MBF 817 Banking Theory and practice

Semester III & IV
MBF 899 Research Project

Specialization Courses

Banking option
MBF 820 Banking Operations
MBF 821 Risk Management in Banks
MBF 822 International Banking
MBF 823 Strategic Bank Management
MBF 824 Real Estate Finance
NB: Any four courses in this option

Financial Sector Policy Option
MBF 830 Public Finance and Policy
MBF 831 Financial System and Policy
MBF 832 Macroeconomic Policy and Management
MBF 833 Regulation and Competition Policy

Financial Markets Option
MBF 840 Financial Markets
MBF 841 Financial Intermediation
MBF 842 International Finance
MBF 843 Seminars in Finance

Micro-finance Option
MBF 850 Micro-finance Models & Practices
MBF 851 Micro-finance Operations & Management
MBF 852 Micro-finance Institutional Development
MBF 853 Micro-finance Regulatory Framework

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