Masters in Business Administration

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) (Execucutive)

Core Courses

Semester I

MBA 800 Financial Accounting
MBA 820 Human Resource Management
MBA 840 Marketing Management
MBA 860 Quantitative Methods of Management
MBA 870 Theory and Practice of Management
MBA 898 Business Research Methods

Semester II
MBA 850 Management Information Systems
MBA 871 Strategic Management
Plus three electives

Semester III
MBA 899 Research Project
Plus three electives

Specialization Electives

 Elective courses for each option

EMBA - Strategic Management
MBA 873 Global Strategic Management
MBA 874 Management of Strategic Change
MBA 875 Strategic Management Seminar
MBA 876 Business Strategic Behaviour
MBA 877 Business Strategic Analysis

EMBA – Finance
MBA 810 Financial Management
MBA 811 Monetary Management
MBA 813 Advanced Financial Management
MBA 814 Financial Management Seminar
MBA 815 Corporate Finance

EMBA – Marketing
MBA 841 Strategic Marketing
MBA 844 Marketing Seminar
MBA 846 Relationship Marketing Management
MBA 848 Marketing Communications

EMBA - Human Resource Management
MBA 821 Human Resource Development
MBA 822 Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
MBA 824 Human Resource Management Seminar
MBA 825 Employee Relations
MBA 826 Public Relations

EMBA – Entrepreneurship
MBA 880 Entrepreneurship Concepts and Strategies
MBA 883 Entrepreneurship and Business Culture
MBA 884 Entrepreneurship Seminar
MBA 886 Micro–Enterprise Financing
MBA 887 Entrepreneurship and Business Consulting

EMBA - Aviation Management
MBA 827 Air Transport Management
MBA 828 Airline Operations Management
MBA 829 Airport Operations Management
MBA 837 Aviation Law and Agreements
MBA 838 Aviation Safety and Security
MBA 839 Aviation Management Seminar

Additional Electives
MBA 830 Managerial Economics
MBA 831 International Business Environment
MBA 852 Database Management Systems
MBA 864 Project Management
MBA 890 Risk and Insurance Management

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