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Prof. Bernard K. Nassiuma (HOD)

Welcome to the Department of Entrepreneurship Studies

I humbly welcome you to the Department of Quantitative Skills and Entrepreneurship Studies, in the school of Business and Economics, Moi University. I earned my bachelor's degree from Panjab University Chandigarh, then pursued my master of Philosophy degree in Entrepreneurship, Moi University and my Doctorate degree, Kenyatta University there after I joined Moi University in 2009 as a faculty member. I had previously gained a wealth of knowledge in enterprise development in the Ministry of Trade.
I pursued entrepreneurship to fulfill a dream of creating value to humanity as well as realise the motivation from my parents, professors, and every day, the interactions I have with students reminds me of the value of this decision. I have had an opportunity to participate in staff mobility in the Netherlands which was an eye opener in my entrepreneurial journey. I have in the recent past facilitated in the summer school funded by the Volks Wagon in Ethiopia which further enhanced my networks and grounding in entrepreneurship.

Moi University is an ISO 9001 -2015 certified institution and is internationally recognized in Entrepreneurship and Project Management Education. The programmes in the department are designed on the basis of a pragmatic philosophy principles of learning by doing, by activity and do and learn. The learner and teacher roles are synergistically balanced in the curriculum delivery. The tools embedded in the programme delivery prepare learners for diverse occupations, some of which may not even exist yet. Entrepreneurship and project programmes helps students hone their skills of leadership, innovation, and creativity and fully engage with diverse stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as they apply entrepreneurial skills in novel ways. Our entrepreneurship and project management faculty have diverse academic backgrounds which provides a strong blend vital in the production of strong facilitors for the programmes. As our department mission shows, we are committed to helping students translate their knowledge, skills and attitudes into making a meaningful difference in the world we live and cultivating a productive career.
Over the years, there has been a tremendous growth in Entrepreneurship and Project Management fields in our region, around the country, and indeed, across the globe. I celebrate the success of our entrepreneurship and project management graduates, and I am proud to help lead our faculty efforts to provide cutting-edge competences to our students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
On behalf of the department's faculty and staff, I would like to thank our students’ former, current, and future for continual pursuit of excellence, both inside and outside the classroom. We appreciate you and are so proud of all that you are accomplishing. Entrepreneurship is about options and never to give up.


Bernard Nassiuma, PhD
Senior Lecturer & HoD
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Academic Programmes

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Studies

Diploma in Project Planning and Development

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies

Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Master of Science Project Planning and Development


Members of Academic Staff

Prof. Ruth J. Tubey
Prof. Peter I. Omboto - Associate Professor
Dr. Nassiuma Benard - Senior Lecturer & HoD
Dr. Joash Ogada Senior Lecturer
Dr. Kefa Chepkwony - Senior Lecturer
Mr. David Sergon - Lecturer
Dr. Pamela Chebii - Lecturer
Dr. Ochieng Owour - Lecturer
Dr. James Mugo - Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Patrick Kubowon - Lecturer
Mr. Fred H. Cherotwo - Lectuter
Mr. Molu Alubale - Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Jeremiah Nyabuta - Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Kimeu Muindi - Assistant Lecturer
M/S. Situma Clare - Tutorial Fellow
Mr. Phillip Mettoh - Tutorial Fellow



The department is collaborating with ASALI project in setting up a Start-up village/ university incubator

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